Sri Sathya Sai School

Men may come, men may go, but lustre of Institution will go forever.

This Institute is an example of awareness and dedication, love and morality and keenness for the welfare of the child. Let us all contemplate on it and live up to Ideals of Sai School and to the Glory of name of SAI.

Vision / Mission

To emerge as an outstanding institution imparting education with a unique blend of modern science and technology with human values grounded in spirituality.

To simulate and nurtured young minds which share excellence through active learning. To enable children to become thinking, sensitive and respectful global citizens with a progressive outlook.

This academic institution shall aim at developing a balanced personality keeping in harmony the synthesis of intellectual, ethical, emotional and spiritual standards.


Sri Sathya Sai School at 'Anand Vilas', Shimla is an ancient Gurukul' or modern hermitage with all modern amenities and facilities. It is residential School, where modern technology and teaching, serenity and silence and science and spirituality are synthesized. It is a place where the students are made aware of academic curricula, modern advances in Science and skill along with their participation in Bhajans, Mantra recitation and group activities, and outplay in sport and art activities. Thus it may lead to the integral development of intellect and institution. It is to live on practicing the philosophy of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who says,

 "Money comes and goes,
Morality comes and grows,
Love flows,
And Lust is thorn."

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This academic institution shall aim at developing a balanced personality

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It is located on Shimla-Junga road near village Pujarli. It is at a distance of 15

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The School has 24 class rooms with 2 laboratories, 1 library, 1 Maths lab,

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